The Charter of Balochistan Women’s Voice

January 13, 2022

Women make up half of the population of every society and any kind of discrimination against them, while violating the human rights of women based on the Universal Charter of Human Rights and its supplementary documents, makes it impossible to use their abilities in the direction of economic progress and sustainable social and political development. This will be harmful for any society.

The efforts of the “Voice of Balochistan Women” organization believe that welfare and social justice in any society depends on securing and stabilizing the freedom and legal equality of the various sections of that society. Therefore, achieving equality of gender rights depends on continuous struggle to eliminate any political, economic, social and cultural discrimination in the society.

Denying and ignoring the rights of women as human beings with the same rights as men is a great oppression and one of the most important causes of poverty and social backwardness in the world. In many societies, women suffer from violence, inequality and lack of choice in life. In societies like Balochistan, where people suffer from double oppression, as a result, more oppression is allowed on women.

In the history of Balochistan, women have had an appreciable role in society alongside men. With the integration of Western Balochistan into the political geography of Iran, women have faced systematic and double oppression, which has intensified with the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the patriarchal culture of Baluchistan society, the reactionary part of the society takes advantage of the discriminatory and patriarchal laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran to marginalize women in the social, cultural and economic fields.

Unfortunately, the colorful oppressions in the patriarchal society of Balochistan have created so many layers of discrimination against women that gender inequality seems natural and justified for many of them. But despite all these oppressions, there are many Baloch women who prove their abilities by working hard in various social and employment fields.

Gender equality benefits all members of the society, which contributes to growth, progress and social welfare. Eliminating gender inequalities requires constant effort and struggle in all fields, especially against discriminatory government laws and wrong social traditions. By taking advantage of modern communication technology and tearing the curtains of censorship, Baloch women are constantly trying to realize gender equality in wide awareness of the oppressions that have happened to them.

In the “Voice of Balochistan Women” organization, in order to achieve gender equality and eliminate any discrimination based on patriarchy, we draw the following common and basic principles as our work plan to cooperate and advance activities based on the United Nations Human Rights Foundation.

Increasing the level of awareness of Baluchistan women regarding their human and civil rights with the aim of achieving gender equality through the creation of specialized working groups.

Maintaining, expanding and strengthening the culture of equality among the people of Balochistan based on the United Nations Human Rights Charter and the equal rights of men and women.

Opposing and trying to remove patriarchal and misogynist laws and traditions and strengthening progressive traditions in Balochistan society.

Promoting values related to gender equality and civil liberties and citizenship rights based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Encouraging Baloch women to participate more actively in the economic, cultural, social and political affairs of society.

Providing educational facilities by creating study and educational groups

Helping to create institutes and institutions that can provide the context and possibility of cooperation and cooperation among women with the goal of financial independence.

The Voice of Baluchistan’s Women (Balochistan Janinani Bramsh)

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